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Project Unified Assistance (PUA) is a US-based humanitarian nonprofit organization advocating to establish a UN operated and regulated airport in the Gaza Strip.

Backers of PUA’s concept include Palestinians (from both the West bank and Gaza), Israelis, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, and American and international experts who believe in the need for humanitarian aviation as a service to people in Gaza. Our advisers include former high ranking US and UN diplomats, academics, communications experts, NGO directors and businessmen with an interest in the Middle East. We have been and continue to promote PUA's concept with Israeli politicians and think tanks, Palestinian diplomats, analysts, and journalists, American strategists, groups, and activists, and dozens of international diplomats, policy analysts, security experts, humanitarian workers, journalists, and economic development practitioners. The majority support the proposal and have no objections to the idea or its components – their concerns pertain to how soon this could be implemented, and whether Israel would support the proposed humanitarian, UN managed airport. PUA's concept was collectively built by technical, diplomatic and legal experts who support our work discretely due to professional constraints imposed by their sensitive roles. Some others are adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ approach to observe broader reactions to the concept. We are honored and humbled by the endorsements of the following individuals (this is a partial list): 

* Please Note: PUA is an independent nonprofit and is not affiliated with the United Nations, governments, or any other organization. Titles are for Identification Purposes Only

Ashraf M. Ghneim

Water Expert, Gaza Coastal Municipalities Water Utility 

David Griffis

U.S. Business Law Attorney and Professor at the University of San Francisco 

Dr. Ethan Chorin

Former U.S. Diplomat and Geopolitics Expert on Libyan and African Affairs 

Dr. Gershon Baskin

Israeli Political and Social Activist  and Peace Advocate

Gordon Strause

 Online Tech Products Expert

Captain Ibrahim Ghouli

CEO of Aviation Link International and Former Palestinian Airlines Pilot Based in Gaza 

Jehad Nassar

Palestinian Air Traffic Control Expert

Jim Lacy

Architect and Project Manager

Maya Zuckerman

Entrepreneur and Marketing Professional

Paul Totah

Director of Communications at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory and PUA's Board of Directors Chairman

Raed Ibrahim

Gaza-Based Strategic Planning and Development Consultant

Amb. Richard W. Murphy

Former U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

Sam Samaha

Palestinian-American Businessman and Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

Dr. Yaser Alwadeya

Palestinian Businessman and Independent Political Activist

Yousef R. Shehada

Founder of the Palestine Special Olympics

Abdul Razak Al-Abed

Humanitarian Activist, Business Development Expert, and CEO of Al-Abed Consulting

Ezzat Ramini

Judge – Palestinian High Judicial Council

Dr. Oren Kroll-Zeldin 

Jewish Studies Professor at the University of San Francisco

Sam Lauter

U.S. Governmental Relations and Communications Expert

Ahmad Shukri

Banking Logistics & Real Estate Investments Expert

Khaleel Isa 

Mental Health Coordinator at International Medical Corps

Sami Jamil Jadallah

President of the New Arab Foundation, Founder of the Arab Peace Corps Initiative and U.S. Army Veteran

Majd Baniodeh

International Development Professional

Dr. Majdi Alkurdi

Palestinian Human Development Specialist

Jeff Kositsky

Director of the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing

Bharat Parihar

International Development Professional

Mahmoud Shehada

Gaza Account Manager / CTG Global – International Humanitarian Support

Tony Chessell

Operations Manager / CTG Global – International Humanitarian Support

Dr. Mohammed Omer

Palestinian Journalist and Scholar

Iman Abu Aitah

Palestinian Youth Empowerment Visionary and Women's Rights Advocate

Joe Goldman

Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Manager at Jewish Community Relations Council

Dr. Kevin DeJesus

Professor of Social Sciences, Johnson and Wales University

Kamal Abu Shawish

Palestinian Political Analyst

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